Assessor Resume Sample

Assessor Resume Sample

The purpose of the information below is to provide you with some sample bullet points for an assessor resume. You will notice that this resume sample bullet point list will describe specific duties that you may have had as an assessor to better help you describe your experience on your resume. 

Assessor Resume Sample Bullet Points

Here is the list of sample bullet points for an Assessor Resume:

  • Appraise real and personal property to determine its fair market value.
  • Assess taxes in accordance with prescribed schedules.
  • Determine taxability and value of properties using methods such as field inspection, structural measurement, calculation, sales analysis, market trend studies, and income and expense analysis.
  • Inspect properties, considering factors such as market value, location, and building or replacement costs to determine appraisal value.
  • Explain assessed values to property owners and defend appealed assessments at public hearings.
  • Prepare and maintain current data on each parcel assessed, including maps of boundaries, inventories of land and structures, property characteristics, and any applicable exemptions.
  • Establish uniform and equitable systems for assessing all classes and kinds of property.
  • Inspect new construction and major improvements to existing structures to determine values.
  • Write and submit appraisal and tax reports for public record.
  • Complete and maintain assessment rolls that show the assessed values and status of all property in a municipality.
  • Analyze trends in sales prices, construction costs, and rents, to assess property values or determine the accuracy of assessments.
  • Review information about transfers of property to ensure its accuracy, checking basic information on buyers, sellers, and sales prices and making corrections as necessary.
  • Conduct regular reviews of property within jurisdictions to determine changes in property due to construction or demolition.
  • Maintain familiarity with aspects of local real estate markets.
  • Identify the ownership of each piece of taxable property.
Assessor Resume Sample Keywords and Simple Phrases

For a general list of keywords for your assessor resume, you can see a comprehensive list on our Resume Sample Keywords page. These keywords are designed to help you use strong verbs in describing your experience on your assessor resume.