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The purpose of this resume sample page is to give a comprehensive list of simple resume samples for a variety of positions to give you an idea of specific resume sample key words, simple resume sample phrases, simple resume descriptions, and other resume tips on wording to help you write a resume. 

Why should I look at a Sample Resume for my own resume?

The reason I decided to begin this page is because I get SO MANY requests of "resume sample keywords" to add to a resume, or "resume sample phrases" for a resume, that I figured it would probably be easier to just start compiling a list of some of the most common jobs that may exist out there that you, the reader, may have held. That way you can find your job in this resume sample list and look at possible ways to "describe" your position on a resume using common simple resume key words from job descriptions to help you write a resume.

Now keep in mind that this is a GROWING list, which means I am going to be adding to this resume sample list all the time. I will keep these resume sample descriptions in simple text format so that you can actually copy and paste them right from the page to your own resume to help you in writing a resume. If you have any suggested job listings and/or job categories, please make a suggestion by emailing This way I can continue to help others just like you with their resume writing! Your ideas on additional jobs and categories are very helpful!

Simple Resume Sample - View by Category

I first tried to break it down by a main category to help make it a little easier to narrow down your search. To see these simple resume samples, just click on the category that may contain your particular position. From there you will see a list of positions most common to that category. Some titles are not ready, so they will not be clickable just yet, but don't worry. They will be added soon!

In the meantime if you would like to keep in touch until your position appears, you are welcome to join our resume tips group on Facebook or follow us on Twitter @FreeResumeTips

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