Gaming Change Person Resume Sample

Gaming Change Person Sample Resume

Resume Sample Bullet Points
  • Exchange coins and tokens for patrons' money.
  • Issue payoffs and obtain customer's signature on receipt when winnings exceed the amount held in the slot machine.
  • Operate a booth in the slot machine area and furnish change persons with money bank at the start of the shift, or count and audit money in drawers.
  • Count money and audit money drawers.
  • Keep accurate records of monetary exchanges, authorization forms, and transaction reconciliations.
  • Exchange money, credit, and casino chips, and make change for customers.
  • Work in and monitor an assigned area on the casino floor where slot machines are located.
  • Listen for jackpot alarm bells and issue payoffs to winners.
Resume Sample Keywords and Simple Phrases
  • Performing for or working directly with the public
  • Problem-solving and creative-thinking
  • Communicating with persons outside organization
  • Assisting and caring for others
  • Communicating with supervisors, peers, or subordinates
  • Establishing and maintaining interpersonal relationships
  • Judging the qualities of things, services, or people
  • Processing information
  • Identifying objects, actions, and events
  • Interpreting the meaning of information for others
  • Resolving conflicts and negotiating with others
  • Getting information
  • Documenting and recording information
  • Evaluating information to determine compliance with standards
  • Provide customer service
  • Calculate monetary exchange

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