Cover Letter Tips - Tip #1 on How to Write a Cover Letter

How to Write a Cover Letter Tip #1:

Know the “Why” and If a Cover Letter is Needed

Before you begin writing a cover letter, you need to first determine whether or not a cover letter is really needed. This will typically be in the instructions when applying for the job. There are many small to mid-sized employers that do not have an ATS (often known as an applicant tracking system) so as a result sometimes the best way to apply is to simply send them your resume by email. Instructions on their site or in the job ad may request a cover letter together with the resume, so this is one of the first ways to tell if you need to make a cover letter.

The second reason you may want to consider a cover letter is to convince the employer that you are one of the candidates that they need to interview for the role. Much like your resume, the goal is to get an interview first, and then let the interview land you the job. Also keep in mind that the purpose of the cover letter is to write a short letter or summary to a specific person about a specific position and for a specific company. If you are just simply sending an email (and they do not have an online application) the Human Resource person is probably receiving hundreds of applications to sort through. Your cover letter may be what helps your job application stand out, so this is also something to consider as you prepare to send the application to the employer.

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