Cover Letter Tips - Tip #4 on How to Write a Cover Letter

Cover Letter Tip #4

The Second Paragraph: A.S.K. – Abilities, Skills and Knowledge

Now is the time you can go into more details about your abilities, skills and knowledge. DO NOT write about what the company can do for you (something common that I have seen). It is not about what they can do for you, but what you can do for the company. 

Remember: The reason the position is open is because the company is lacking. There is a need and it has to be taken care of. Now is the opportunity to explain how your background can fulfill this need. Using current industry jargon, mention how the abilities, skills and knowledge you possess will benefit the company or organization. Be careful not to rewrite your resume, but do refer to your resume specifically if there is something specific to highlight. Hopefully you have already followed some of the resume tips and have some very specific accomplishments to help explain how your abilities, skills and knowledge will contribute and make an impact on their organization. You will find some resume samples that will outline specific keywords and such that may help you in writing your resume cover letter on our resume samples page:

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