Cover Letter Tips - Tip #6 on How to Write a Cover Letter

Cover Letter Tip #6

Future Steps

Once you have concluded with the first five cover letter tips described previously, you can include in this same paragraph the next steps. Try to avoid leaving the “ball in their court” as it were. In other words, do not write something like, “You can contact me anytime at…” or “I look forward to hearing from you…”

Instead, request an interview (the whole purpose of the cover letter in the first place!). Let them know that you will be following up with them on a certain day or before a certain time frame. This will simply reinforce your desire that you just mentioned, and allow you to make a commitment and show that commitment. Be persistent, but don’t over do it, and ALWAYS follow through with the call. To pick a date and time to follow through with this follow up phone call, there are a few ways to determine when to make this call. If the position has a deadline where no more candidates will be accepted, this is a great indicator of when to call. Since they will need some time to review all candidates, plan on 1-2 days after that close date. If there is no deadline, then follow up in a few days. As a note of caution, if you sent the cover letter and resume on Friday, Monday is probably not a good time to call as they probably have not had time to review anything yet!

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