News Scam

For this newest scam, the website looks so real, it can fool you quicker than you know!  Most links on this site are legit and take you to the actual CNBC website, but don't let this fool you! There is also a video to walk you through this if you prefer the video where I point out these scams. So here is what to look for in the picture below:

  1. The Link itself. You will notice at the top the link starts out with, but the "" after it already tells you that you are NOT on the CNBC website. 
  2. The video that starts to play. It is for some mom in Cherry Hill who found legitimate work, and looks to be a real news story, BUT it is very vague, and tells nothing about what the mom did. It is not related to the links that follow or the article. How do we know? Read on....
  3. Notice the title of the article says "Anniston" mom. well guess what? Anniston is south of me, and the IP I was using on my laptop when I visited the site automatically inserted my general city there so that it almost appears as if this is happening right here in my neighborhood! If it happened to someone else it could happen to me too, right?  Oh this is getting good. They have the look, they have the convincing video, and now it is local in my area! It must be true!  BUT IT'S NOT TRUE!

As you scroll down you will get the next image, which can be found below (just scroll down to see the rest of this numbered list and the 2nd image)

So as you scroll down, below is what you will see. Again, here is what to look for:

  1. An Image of Earnings. What kind of news article shows you potential earnings? WOW! They are really making an effort here to get you to believe
  2. Steps - So next comes the steps which is why the site is designed to look sophisticated to get you to the point that you forget it's a scam and you follow the links and sign up. The link in those steps will take you to the actual site being marketed so they can get you to fill in your info and WHAM! You have been tricked!