Cover Letter Tips - Tip #10 on How to Write a Cover

Cover Letter Tip #10

Say Thank You - Having an Attitude of Gratitude

Saying thank you is very powerful. If you think about it, not every company will send you a letter or email after you apply for a job, so sometimes it is hard to know if they even received your resume, much less reviewed your qualifications. Those companies that do get in touch with you (even if it is just to say they chose another candidate), typically stand out. So you should stand out too, because the same principle applies to you as an applicant saying thank you to the company.

Sending a thank you letter after the interview will stand out, and if possible, being specific about the interview in this letter will leave a nice impression. This can also allow you to once again mention your qualifications for the role, keeping your interview fresh on their mind. Remember the purpose of the resume and the cover letter is to land an interview. You can review some of my resume tips that discuss this in more detail.

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