Cover Letter Tips - Tip #9 on How to Write a Cover

Cover Letter Tip #9

Cover Letter Spamming - Don't Do It!

This idea comes from my Resume Tips on this same website. I see many job seekers that do this with their cover letters too, so you need to understand what this concept even means. You need to be unique in each cover letter that you write. Avoid "Spamming" your cover letter just like you would resume spamming as mentioned in my resume tips. Cover Letter spamming is writing something very basic and generic and including it with every resume you submit. Even if the resume sample you have created is unique to the organization, if you include a cover letter that is not unique as well, it defeats the purpose! Each Cover Letter should be tailored to the organization for which you are applying. I cannot tell you how many times I have seen a cover letter together with the resume and the cover letter actually addresses a different company! What were they thinking? Do not make this same mistake and avoid cover letter spamming at all costs!

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