Cover Letter Tips - Tip #8 on How to Write a Cover

Cover Letter Tip #8


Always proofread your cover letter. Check for misspelling and correct punctuation. There are some great programs out there that can do this, and most of the programs you use will have an automated spell checker. But when it comes to your cover letter, don't leave it to the automated versions only! If possible, have someone you trust review your cover letter. Have them consider the content, the tone and the grammar. In regards to tone, keep in mind the message you want to convey and make sure your proofreader is aware of this, or even have them let you know what they felt the tone was. There should be a general feeling of energy and enthusiasm as well as a sound ability to meet the needs of the employer. Most computer programs will check spelling for you automatically, but the tone and grammar will need to be checked and double checked as most programs won't necessarily catch this or provide feedback on these types of things. Having others review your cover letter is great because they will often see things that you did not think about or may have just missed. It's always a great feeling when someone else can point out some of the abilities, skills and knowledge that you should be including in your cover letter, since there are times we may underestimate our own qualifications for the role. 

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